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Triskel Telecom is where the worlds of telecommunications and geographic management meet to form innovative, complete and integrated solutions. From sketching out the initial ideas right up to the final turnkey installation, we advise and guide you every step of the way, adapting our hardware and software to fit in with your particular needs and working methods.

Careful in-house design of both the systems and their interfaces produces a functional and highly efficient package, bringing maximum advantages and minimum negative impact. We always strive to provide high added value at a reasonable price thus giving our customers an unbeatable cost/benefit ratio.


Our multidisciplinary team, combining experience in a wide variety of fields, allows us to tackle a huge diversity of problems and produce solutions that are both creative and rational. Experts in electronic, communications and software engineering, we constantly review our techniques, knowledge and tools so as to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Only the best components from world-renowned manufacturers are used in the making of our equipment and we work to ISO 9000 standards of quality to guarantee solid, reliable products.

Our software is developed entirely at Triskel, giving us total control over the final product as well as flexibility and fast reaction times, allowing us to ensure that it is always user-friendly, compatible and communicative with other applications, that it answers the specific needs of our customers and that it can develop and adapt over time.

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