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TriskRem is a SCADA system that makes it possible to manage a whole series of remote stations telematically from a central control point.

The most notable characteristics of the system are:

  • The remote stations can be configured according to their functions

    • Number and type of digital and/or analogue inputs

    • Number and type of digital and/or analogue outputs

    • Status of the input or output signals

    • Type of alarms associated with each signall

    • Status validation times

    • Etc.

  • The remote stations can be monitored over a wide range of communications networks such as PMR, GSM-SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP, Tetra, etc.

TriskRem is capable of controlling remote stations operating under many different types of protocols, acting as a protocol converter between applications, communications systems and remote stations. These protocols include:

  • SNMP

  • TriskREM

  • BACnet

  • DNP3

  • IEC 104

The application is currently installed in several control centres throughout Spain where it monitors reservoir levels, the flow rate of rivers and canals, reserves in tanks and cisterns, and data from meteorological stations, amongst other tasks.

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