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Managing livestock in transit on long journeys

The 2005 EEC regulation concerning the welfare of livestock in transit requires that, from 2009 onwards, all vehicles carrying live animals on journeys lasting more than 8 hours should have installed a satellite navigation system and mechanisms for regulating the temperature and providing a constant supply of water. The lorry must have a device that logs all the journey information, such as position, speed and time elapsed and the opening / closing of loading doors, as well as data from the temperature sensors. This data should be immediately presentable to the relevant authority should they request it.

Customers turning to Triskel had found that other setups on the market were unsatisfactory, either because they did not comply entirely with European requirements or because the data link between the cab and the stock crate was unreliable. Triskel has designed a complete journey management and stock monitoring system that can be installed in any lorry. This robust, high-quality system, with its always-on wireless connection between the control box in the cargo area (connected to the sensors) and the hand-held device in the cab, gives the driver immediate access to all the information, thus guaranteeing the animals’ welfare and compliance with the regulations, and allows the entire journey log to be shown, and printed if necessary, at police or veterinary check-points.

With Triskel’s innovative system, the livestock arrives at its destination having made the journey in optimal conditions, so reducing losses, and the transport operator avoids delays and problems during official inspections and possible economic sanctions.

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